Microbes and Microbiota: Benefits and Risks

Commitment to Microbial Benefit/Risk Analysis

Sad to resign from RAWMI board, but deeply committed to MICROBIAL BENEFIT/RISK ANALYSIS !

I admit sadness in coming to my decision this month to resign from the Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) board after only six months of service. I believe that Coleman Scientific Consulting and RAWMI will both engage in novel substantive work in the future, but my passion for rigorous benefit/risk analysis was not well aligned to the goals and expectations of the board. I wish past, present, and future RAWMI board members and listed dairies the best.

I am excited to be building on the only benefit/risk analysis that I have found to date on raw milk (Benefit and Risk Assessment of Breastmilk for Infant Health in Norway) for the manuscript that I will be preparing with Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) past president Warner North and Cornell University Emeritus professor Rodney Dietert on benefit/risk of the microbiota of milks.

Thanks to all who contributed to the first SRA crowdfunding campaign (Whole Truth, Whole Milk). Your generosity and commitment to documenting scientific evidence for benefits and risks for raw milks is tremendous. Donations will support the critical work of incorporating knowledge of the dense and diverse microbiota of raw milks (breast milk and cow milk) into benefit/risk analysis.

In total, nearly $18,000 was raised from advance donors, including three risk practitioners recognized as SRA Fellows, and online donors. Nearly 50 individuals contributed, and organizations who donated to the campaign include:

Donations can still be made to the campaign through SRA.


For readers near Hudson NY this Saturday (June 29th), join me at Churchtown Dairy for Principles of Traditional Diets: A Day-Long Workshop with Sally Fallon Morell. Register at the link on the event title.

Churchtown Dairy was the first in NY State to earn RAWMI listing. The lending library at the dairy now boasts a signed copy of Rod Dietert’s book, The Human Superorganism! We human superorganisms have much to learn in restorative communities!