Microbes and Microbiota: Benefits and Risks

New Website for Learning about Risks and Benefits of Microbes

Visit new Coleman Scientific Consulting website to expand your understanding of microbes, our partners in health.


provides scientific support to consumers, producers, and decision makers who need to understand risks AND benefits of microbes

Coleman Scientific Consulting, a woman-owned small business based in upstate NY, provides support to scientists and non-scientists who need to:

  • understand and minimize risk to public health from exposures to microbes; and

  • understand and maximize benefits of natural microbes (microbiota) to health.

Ideally, regulators would consider the whole body of evidence, for both risks and benefits of microbes, in order to optimize health. However, the microbial risk assessment paradigm commonly applied for pathogens does not consider evidence of benefits or realistic assumptions about growth of pathogens in competition with the natural microbiota of foods and the healthy gut. 

If you want the 'Whole Truth' about microbial risks and benefits, follow this blog and hire us! CSC can assist in strengthening the scientific basis for assessments and communications about microbes in health and disease, building on the knowledge of 21st century science for Homo sapiens as 'superorganisms', partners in a healthy ecosystem with our microbiota.