Microbes and Microbiota: Benefits and Risks

Launch of SRA Whole Truth, Whole Milk Campaign

Rod Dietert and Warner North are partnering with me on this first SRA crowdfunding campaign to document benefits AND risks of raw milks.


Cornell Professor of Immunotoxicology Rod Dietert and decision analyst Warner North, Past-President of the international Society for Risk Analysis (SRA), are partnering with me on the next phase of a multiyear project on the benefits AND risks of the microbiota of milks from humans and cows.

The goal of the SRA Whole Truth, Whole Milk Campaign is to fund work to inform consumers, farmers, legislators, regulators, and scientists around the world about the state of the science for benefits and risks of the microbiota of milks.

The campaign will communicate the 'Whole Truth' about the scientific evidence on benefits AND risks of 'Whole Milks', fresh unprocessed (raw) milks with natural beneficial microbiota intact. Donations will support preparation of thorough, high quality peer-reviewed analyses of the state of the science that you can trust, as well as educational materials for stakeholders, all those with a ‘stake’ in decisions and policies about raw milks.

Videos on the SRA Whole Truth, Whole Milk Campaign

View (and share) short videos about the campaign from three perspectives at the links below.


Why Donate?

Donations can be made at any amount, but for higher levels of donations, rewards are available, including two books authored by Professor Dietert and prints by artists Mary Beth Ihnken (campaign cows) and Ellen Coleman Izzo (nursing mom and child).

Your donations are needed because such work is both essential to good policy and grossly underfunded. Public funding is not available to conduct thorough, objective analyses for raw milk, due in part to misinformation so common in the media. NOW is the time for fully documenting the evidence for benefits AND risks so that fair, science-based policies can be developed that permit consumers to make informed food choices for themselves and their families that improve health based on scientific advances of the 21st century.

How to Donate

Individuals and organizations can write checks for any amount to 'Society for Risk Analysis', with 'Upstate NY SRA Campaign' in the memo line. Then mail your check directly to the SRA Secretariat at the address below.

Society for Risk Analysis

c/o Tiffany Binnix

950 Herndon Parkway, Suite 450

Herndon, VA 20170

You can also donate online by clicking on the button below.

Thank You!

Your generous support of the SRA Whole Truth, Whole Milk Campaign is much appreciated. Please comment with questions, concerns, and studies that are relevant to our work.

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