Microbes and Microbiota: Benefits and Risks

Our Microbes, Our Global Health Conference

Microbiota risks and benefits? Exploring opportunities for learning and collaboration at Our Microbes, Our Global Health conference at Cornell University.

Peg Coleman is pleased to be participating in a symposium entitled Our Microbes, Our Global Health at Cornell University tomorrow. The mission of the conference is "to educate one another and to focus microbiome research on health issues that affect individuals on a global scale. Key focal points for the program are nutrition, diabetes, and infectious disease."


The importance of microbiota in health and disease is widely appreciated across many disciplines, but the influence of the microbiota in dose-response interactions between pathogens and hosts for predicting risks and benefits to human and environmental health is only beginning to be explored. Watch for publication of her collaborative work with scientists in academia and government later this year in the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) journal, Risk Analysis. Click here for short bio for Peg Coleman.

Coleman et al., 2018. Microbiota and dose-response: Evolving paradigm of health triangle. Upcoming issue of Risk Analysis.